If you have any questions about the referral process, please call
Access CAMH at 416 535-8501, press 2


Information for referring providers

  • A physician or nurse practitioner referral is required for the majority of services at CAMH
  • A physician referral is preferred for the following services:
    • Geriatric Mental Health Services (incl. Memory Clinic)
    • Complex Care and Recovery (incl. Downtown ICM/ACTT, Metabolism Clinic, Medication Assessment & Psychology Psychosis Services)
  • For Addiction Services, patients may self-refer by calling Access CAMH at 416 535-8501, press 2, then press 4.
    • If the patient already has a methadone/ suboxone provider or an addictions physician, involved in their care, that provider will need to fax the completed CAMH referral form.
  • It is preferred that the referral comes from the treating psychiatrist or physician.
  • Individuals requiring psycholegal assessments who are referred by the court, legal counsel or other third parties should be referred to the psycholegal clinic. Note there is an alternate referral process for this clinic - details can be found here.
  • Collecting Demographics information is fundamental for eliminating health equities and finding opportunities to improve the quality of care provided

Information for your patient

  • Please ensure your patient is aware that the referral is being made.
  • Access CAMH will make two attempts to contact the patient and leave two voicemails, when consent is provided. If the patient cannot be reached, the referring provider will be notified. Note the number will appear as a blocked caller ID.
  • Please encourage your patients to call Access CAMH to check on the status of their referral
  • Given CAMH is an academic research hospital your patient may be invited to participate in research opportunities at CAMH. They do not need to accept.
  • Given CAMH is a teaching hospital, your patient can expect to have residents or students involved in their care.

How to submit a referral

  • Please complete the following form. All fields should be filled.
  • Alternatively, you may download and complete the fillable PDF, faxing the form to 416-979-6815
  • You will receive confirmation of referral receipt when the referral is processed by Access CAMH

If your patient is in need of immediate help, please direct them to the nearest emergency department or call 911