Artist: Sean Patenaude | Title: Watching the Time Pass by the Sun | Location: McCain Complex Care and Recovery Centre and the Crisis and Critical Care Building | Description: The artist will document the construction of the two new CAMH hospital buildings by creating solargraphs from the rooftops of the existing structures. Small, home-made pinhole cameras will be employed to capture multi-month exposures of the buildings on black and white photo paper, which will then be scanned at high resolution to produce large, blue-tinted images that will show the trails of the sun over the buildings and the buildings themselves as they grow. Because of the nature of long exposures, only motionless objects will remain visible – people will be invisible, trees will take on a ghostly blur, the sun will appear as a streak across the sky and the buildings themselves will appear to be growing from the earth. For final display, the completed solargraph scans will be combined to form a long image that will show the buildings in 6 month increments of growth with the sun arching like a wave along the length of the image.